Take a listen as I chat with Derrick Sier: a teacher, mentor, philanthropist, and advocate; basically, an all-around superstar. He’s not a teacher within the typical schoolhouse walls, but he does work with youth in our City and with the Oklahoma City Police Department in its meaningful and transformative Youth Leadership Academy by empowering our youth through mentorship, communication, and advocacy skills.

Come along and learn about the Bridge Youth Impact Center and the work this amazing non-profit is doing for youth in terms of impacting drug addiction, domestic violence, and mental health among our youth population.

Derrick and I chat about the importance of connection and building bridges with people, the importance of mission statements, and his work with FACT (Family Awareness Community Teamwork).

Derrick shares his personal story of his first interaction with law enforcement and how his work today is to break down barriers between our youth and the police department and show that our men and women in blue will advocate and show our kids that they are there to help them take another shot.

There is power in sharing our stories and we talk about what to do when you hit those obstacles and people that are not on board.

My hope is that you will walk away today truly inspired about our youth and the community work you can do to be a connector, bridge-builder, and provide confidence and hope in yourself and others, one thought at a time.

Learn from Derrick what it means to JUMP into the opportunities and mission to make this world better.  

Oklahoma City Police Department’s Youth Leadership Academy:

@FACTOKC on Facebook and fact_okc on Instagram

@TheBridgeImpactCenterOKC on Facebook and Instagram

You can find Derrick Sier on all social media platforms. There’s only one Derrick Sier!


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