Hellcat’s Hope: Finding Humor, Healing, and Hope

Hellcat’s Hope is for people looking for hope and seeing what’s possible in their lives, relationships, business, and community. In each episode, Hellcat (her legal name!) will share personal stories and practical takeaways to motivate and inspire you to find your own inner Hellcat in your day-to-day life.

In a follow-up to Episode 16 (Gastric Bypass: Humor, Healing, and Hope), Hellcat gives an update on her progress since having surgery almost 10 months ago. Hellcat shares her success, tips, tricks, challenges, and of course, humor.

Whether you're considering WLS or other major life decision, you will walk away with some thought and mind-management tools to use along your journey.  

Confidence is NOT tied to your circumstances.

Confidence is a choice you make in the face of your circumstances.

This is not about fake or toxic positivity. To the contrary, choosing confidence, being curious about your failures and mistakes, and celebrating your wins will bring you clarity on the intentional results you want in your life.

Today, Hellcat walks us through the Model she uses to coach her clients, explaining the process of how, no matter our circumstances, we can choose our thoughts that create our feelings which in turn drive our actions (or inaction) and get us our results. This method is all too clear when we talk about confidence. 

Hellcat wasn't always a Hellcat. She wasn't born that way. She wasn't born a renegade. She has felt alone, still feels afraid - she stumbles through it anyway (lyrics credit to P!nk's new song, All I Know So Far). 

She has many, many reasons NOT to be confident and to feel less than confident about being a parent, a wife, a business woman... but she learned how to manage those thoughts to serve her present and future, and she wants to teach you that today. 

Come listen and learn how you can, too, and learn to NEVER say "fake it 'til you make it" ever, ever again. That phrase is the biggest killer to confidence. 



P!nk, All I Know So Far

Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School (The Model)

Professional Moms: https://www.theetiquettenetwork.com/professional-moms/

Second Saturday: https://www.secondsaturday.com/

Hellcat Coaching: https://www.whatthehellcat.com/life-coaching

Hellcat Speaking: https://www.whatthehellcat.com/speaking




Take a listen as I chat with Derrick Sier: a teacher, mentor, philanthropist, and advocate; basically, an all-around superstar. He’s not a teacher within the typical schoolhouse walls, but he does work with youth in our City and with the Oklahoma City Police Department in its meaningful and transformative Youth Leadership Academy by empowering our youth through mentorship, communication, and advocacy skills.

Come along and learn about the Bridge Youth Impact Center and the work this amazing non-profit is doing for youth in terms of impacting drug addiction, domestic violence, and mental health among our youth population.

Derrick and I chat about the importance of connection and building bridges with people, the importance of mission statements, and his work with FACT (Family Awareness Community Teamwork).

Derrick shares his personal story of his first interaction with law enforcement and how his work today is to break down barriers between our youth and the police department and show that our men and women in blue will advocate and show our kids that they are there to help them take another shot.

There is power in sharing our stories and we talk about what to do when you hit those obstacles and people that are not on board.

My hope is that you will walk away today truly inspired about our youth and the community work you can do to be a connector, bridge-builder, and provide confidence and hope in yourself and others, one thought at a time.

Learn from Derrick what it means to JUMP into the opportunities and mission to make this world better.  

Oklahoma City Police Department’s Youth Leadership Academy:

@FACTOKC on Facebook and fact_okc on Instagram

@TheBridgeImpactCenterOKC on Facebook and Instagram

You can find Derrick Sier on all social media platforms. There’s only one Derrick Sier!


Suicide: End The Stigma

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide, Depression

This is a heavy one: Suicide. But it's important to talk about, especially during the Holidays and especially during the Holidays during a Pandemic. 

Hellcat interviews Heather Loab, founder, creator, and author of UnrulyNeurons.com. Hellcat first interviewed Heather in Episode 14: Finding Hope and Healing in Living with Depression and Mental Illness. They talked about the importance of talking about and ending the stigma of mental illness and depression. 

Today is more specific: How can we destigmatize the conversation around suicide? We dive into some data and facts surrounding suicide, risk factors and warning signs for teen and youth, and Heather shares her powerful story of her life with suicide. 

The CDC reported an increase of 57% in suicides among 10-24 year olds and that’s only from 2007-2018. That doesn’t even consider data from during the Pandemic, where isolation and depression are likely pervasive. 

Listen in and learn how to have that direct conversation and not tip-toe around it.

We will also dispel the myths surrounding suicide:

"You shouldn’t bring it up."

"Someone who doesn’t have depression won’t commit suicide." WRONG. 54% of those who die from suicide, there is no known cause and the family and close friends had no idea.

"It's just selfish."

"They're just attention-seeking or being dramatic."

We will dispel these myths today. 

You will hear Heather’s real life story and experiences with suicide and what it looks like.

So, get educated and armed with tools to take action today.


National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741-741



Today, Hellcat interviews her nephew, Jaden, and his pal, Megan, as they discuss their new Podcast, "Our Minds Work Like THAT". Jaden and Megan are Freshman at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. They discuss what their Podcast is about as well as other funny tidbits on how their minds work, and boy, do they work! 

Listen in for tidbits on hair, My Pretty Pony, Texas Tech and Big 12 football (sort of), nosey Burt Women (that we are), why Jaden and Megan are so mean to Jaden’s sister Emma, College slang, gay slang, Snap Chat, and the political climate on campus this past Fall.

So, check out this interview if you want to know more – or – just hop on over to their podcase, OUR MINDS WORK LIKE THAT (you can find them anywhere you listen to your podcasts) and for more entertainment and inside peeks into their great minds, go over and follow them on Instagram at LIKETHATPOD. You can see their antics AND listen to them over there!

You'll feel younger just by listening. 

We find ourselves in a highly politicized climate right now, from the Presidential race to Covid-19, masks, and education.  

How can we maintain our friendships when we find ourselves on the opposing side of these issues? How can find common ground from a place of respect, insight, and understanding? 

Tune in today as Hellcat interviews one of her closest friends, Amanda Doolittle Crawford. Amanda and Hellcat are polar opposites in terms of political affiliations, pandemic protocols, and yes, even football. But they've managed to do so without sacrificing the true tenets of their relationship: love and respect. They've managed to have discussions and discourse without divorce. 

Their hope is that you can walk away today with a little bit of humor and maybe find a place of healing, hope, and a way to get through this season with your true self and your true relationships intact once we reach the other side. And we will reach the other side, together.

Amanda and Hellcat share recent experiences with social media keyboard warriors and how they have been able to move past it and work together for the common good by finding common ground.  

The opinions expressed herein by Hellcat are her own and do not represent those of the Deer Creek School District.  

What better way to bring our Country together than to hear some great stories from Coach Mike Burt on football, coaching, and BBQ. You will hear stories about what it was like being the oldest of 11 siblings and growing up on the gridiron as a player and coach. Coach Burt and Hellcat also attempt to settle their 47-year dispute over an alleged turtle assassination.  

If you need a good laugh today, come listen to some random rants about air conditioning, passwords, and Weight Watchers Points. 

Coach Burt shares stories from playing football at Lewisville High School in the late 70s and early 80s, as well as his recruiting experiences with the University of Texas (Fred Akers), Arkansas (Lou Holtz), and Rice University (Ray Auburn).  Old Southwest Conference fans will enjoy hearing about what it was like to play against Eric Dickerson and the Pony Express as well as coaching football in Texas throughout his 33-year coaching career - where football is king. 

Coach Burt has some great advice for those interested in being a coach and how parents, administrators, and the community can best support their student athletes and athletic programs. 

Finally, your mouth will water as Coach Burt shares some BBQ stories and secrets about his BBQ Food Trailer and The Sammich Guy, including what it's like working with Momma Burt sometimes. And all of you listeners, WORLDWIDE, receive an open invitation to have the Sammich Guy come make you the best BBQ you won't soon forget. 

Special Shout-Outs: 

Coach Que Brittain

Coach Tom Everest

The Sammich Guy BBQ sammichguy.com and follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sammichguy/



Bariatric surgery. Gastric Bypass. Gastric Sleeve. 

These are now a part of Hellcat's discussion and journey to long-term health. 

Come along as Hellcat shares details about her decision, her initial tests, and how she's using all her tools to live her best life. 

Hellcat shares that finding and living your own inner Hellcat is to own your story, unapologetically, and without shame. 

Maybe you don't share your story just because you are a private person, and that is OK and clearly understandable. But if you are not sharing your voice and story from a place of shame, this episode is for you. 

Hellcat shares how you can process other people's opinions as well as how to bring your WHOLE self in the moments and not be afraid of who you really are. We have to heal ourselves before we can try to heal the world. Unless you are willing to be you, how can you encourage others to be themselves. 

Shout Outs: 

Dr. Bertice Berry 

Integris Weight Loss Center

Dr. Hamilton Le

Dr. Kim King

Amanda Crawford, Birthday Girl and Mighty Friend 

Beth Skipworth, #5, Birthday Girl and Sister 

The Greatest Showman, This is Me

Dopey Challenge, Walt Disney World

Jeff Galloway Training Plan 

#WLS #gastricbypass #RNY  


Many of you may find yourselves in the middle of some life transitions right now, whether it's heading back to school, work, relationships, your business, or even your health. Hellcat finds herself in the same transitional boat! 

Today, Hellcat will walk you through what those transitions may look like and how you can manage your mind through any of them. She shares her specific health journey and how that, too, is in transition as she prepares for gastric bypass surgery. 

You will walk away with several ideas on how to manage your mind in whatever transition you may find yourself through the simple use of the Think Feel Act cycle tool. Pay special attention to details on how to handle and process other people's opinions about your decisions with a simple, easy-to-use system of evaluating people's opinions. 

In the end, Hellcat will walk you through an example of the Think Feel Act cycle that you can apply to your life TODAY.  Instead of telling yourself, "I don't know what I'm doing" and feeling confused and lost, you will learn a better thought that leads to curiosity and confidence, a much better feeling to drive your actions and get the results you want. 

Hellcat lovingly reminds us all that this isn't our first rodeo and we can saddle up and hit the trail to the results we want in our life. 

Trigger Warning: binge eating disorder 

Trigger Warnings: depression, suicide, mental illness, postpartum depression, post-weening depression

Heather Loeb, founder, creator, and writer for UNRULY NEURONS (www.unrulyneurons.com) shares with us today the principle of Tikkun Olam – it means to heal the world with whatever platform you have, to use it to help others and improve whatever corner of the world you’re in.

Heather shares what she calls her moral obligation to share her story, to normalize depression and mental illness. The stigma surrounding mental illness can be deadly, literally. Heather helps us understand that by releasing the shame and judgment around depression and mental illness, you are free to find peace, healing, and hope. Once she threw off the shame shawl surrounding her limitations, then and only then was she able to get real help through the Menninger Clinic in Houston, Texas and other forms of therapy like Electroconvulsive Therapy.

Heather will leave you with some powerful thoughts on how you can help yourself or others not just survive and live, but live warrior strong and how her conversion to Judaism has helped her along that journey.

Heather’s Blog: www.unrulyneurons.com

The Menninger Clinic, Houston, Texas





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