We find ourselves in a highly politicized climate right now, from the Presidential race to Covid-19, masks, and education.  

How can we maintain our friendships when we find ourselves on the opposing side of these issues? How can find common ground from a place of respect, insight, and understanding? 

Tune in today as Hellcat interviews one of her closest friends, Amanda Doolittle Crawford. Amanda and Hellcat are polar opposites in terms of political affiliations, pandemic protocols, and yes, even football. But they've managed to do so without sacrificing the true tenets of their relationship: love and respect. They've managed to have discussions and discourse without divorce. 

Their hope is that you can walk away today with a little bit of humor and maybe find a place of healing, hope, and a way to get through this season with your true self and your true relationships intact once we reach the other side. And we will reach the other side, together.

Amanda and Hellcat share recent experiences with social media keyboard warriors and how they have been able to move past it and work together for the common good by finding common ground.  

The opinions expressed herein by Hellcat are her own and do not represent those of the Deer Creek School District.  

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