Suicide: End The Stigma

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide, Depression

This is a heavy one: Suicide. But it's important to talk about, especially during the Holidays and especially during the Holidays during a Pandemic. 

Hellcat interviews Heather Loab, founder, creator, and author of Hellcat first interviewed Heather in Episode 14: Finding Hope and Healing in Living with Depression and Mental Illness. They talked about the importance of talking about and ending the stigma of mental illness and depression. 

Today is more specific: How can we destigmatize the conversation around suicide? We dive into some data and facts surrounding suicide, risk factors and warning signs for teen and youth, and Heather shares her powerful story of her life with suicide. 

The CDC reported an increase of 57% in suicides among 10-24 year olds and that’s only from 2007-2018. That doesn’t even consider data from during the Pandemic, where isolation and depression are likely pervasive. 

Listen in and learn how to have that direct conversation and not tip-toe around it.

We will also dispel the myths surrounding suicide:

"You shouldn’t bring it up."

"Someone who doesn’t have depression won’t commit suicide." WRONG. 54% of those who die from suicide, there is no known cause and the family and close friends had no idea.

"It's just selfish."

"They're just attention-seeking or being dramatic."

We will dispel these myths today. 

You will hear Heather’s real life story and experiences with suicide and what it looks like.

So, get educated and armed with tools to take action today.


National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741-741


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