Come along and listen to a fascinating conversation with Crystal McLain, licensed massage therapist and the founder of Crystal McLain Creative for a deep-dive into the importance of body-mind connectedness. We explore the topics of creativity, branding, and dive into the SCIENCE of homeostasis and the amazing brain. You will hear about the power of journaling and the 5 Keys to Self-Care Independence!

Our lack of confidence is the biggest barrier to unlocking our wellness and the power within. Crystal says, “A confident heart lives authentically and you are the best source of love and encouragement you will ever receive.”

Also, if you gain nothing else from this Episode (which, I promise, you will), please check out Crystal’s Podcast Episode 18: No One is Coming to Save You. 9 minutes of pure gold!

Crystal’s Creative Wellness Program: “Science-based, magic-laced, creative self-care hub to feed your body, mind and mother-lovin’ soul.”  

Find out more here and sign up for her free newsletter and check out her Membership Program:

Podcast: Unlocking Wellness with Crystal McLain

IG: CMCmercantile (Crystal McLain Creative)

Facebook: Crystal McLain Creative

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