In this Episode, Hellcat is practicing what she preaches.

She shares how a random interaction with a stranger at a football game led her to prepare and publish this episode on how to stop waiting and honor your spirit in this practice of life.

Today, you will learn three tips on how to do that and the good that can come from being obedient to your true self.

Do you find yourself waiting to do something because “the time is just not right” or “I need to lose weight first” or “there is too much going on” or “things need to calm down first”?

Like Hellcat’s Dad wrote before he died, “You don’t have to live forever, just live.”

What small steps can you take to live today?

Stop limiting your life as a reward and instead make it a reality. Stop waiting for the right time and create the right time.

If this resonates with you and you’ve taken action or a step you’ve been putting off, let Hellcat know by hitting her up on social media or email her at


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