Confidence is NOT tied to your circumstances.

Confidence is a choice you make in the face of your circumstances.

This is not about fake or toxic positivity. To the contrary, choosing confidence, being curious about your failures and mistakes, and celebrating your wins will bring you clarity on the intentional results you want in your life.

Today, Hellcat walks us through the Model she uses to coach her clients, explaining the process of how, no matter our circumstances, we can choose our thoughts that create our feelings which in turn drive our actions (or inaction) and get us our results. This method is all too clear when we talk about confidence. 

Hellcat wasn't always a Hellcat. She wasn't born that way. She wasn't born a renegade. She has felt alone, still feels afraid - she stumbles through it anyway (lyrics credit to P!nk's new song, All I Know So Far). 

She has many, many reasons NOT to be confident and to feel less than confident about being a parent, a wife, a business woman... but she learned how to manage those thoughts to serve her present and future, and she wants to teach you that today. 

Come listen and learn how you can, too, and learn to NEVER say "fake it 'til you make it" ever, ever again. That phrase is the biggest killer to confidence. 



P!nk, All I Know So Far

Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School (The Model)

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