Today, Hellcat interviews her nephew, Jaden, and his pal, Megan, as they discuss their new Podcast, "Our Minds Work Like THAT". Jaden and Megan are Freshman at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. They discuss what their Podcast is about as well as other funny tidbits on how their minds work, and boy, do they work! 

Listen in for tidbits on hair, My Pretty Pony, Texas Tech and Big 12 football (sort of), nosey Burt Women (that we are), why Jaden and Megan are so mean to Jaden’s sister Emma, College slang, gay slang, Snap Chat, and the political climate on campus this past Fall.

So, check out this interview if you want to know more – or – just hop on over to their podcase, OUR MINDS WORK LIKE THAT (you can find them anywhere you listen to your podcasts) and for more entertainment and inside peeks into their great minds, go over and follow them on Instagram at LIKETHATPOD. You can see their antics AND listen to them over there!

You'll feel younger just by listening. 

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